With a fleet of over 112 vehicles, CASE Collaborative provides special education transportation services for 12 of its member districts.  The districts are: Acton, Acton-Boxborough, Bedford, Boxborough, Carlisle, Concord, Concord-Carlisle, Harvard, Lincoln, Littleton, Maynard and Sudbury.  The transportation office is located at the Raymond J. Grey High School, 16 Charter Road in Acton.

 The Collaborative transports approximately 500 students daily. Students are transported to more than 100 program sites in many cities and towns.



Because CASE Transportation transports students to and from many towns, questions arise regarding cancellations and delayed openings.  The following will determine if transportation will be provided.


Cancellation procedure:

  • If the Acton Public Schools cancels school, CASE does not transport students.
  • If the town in which a student resides cancels school, CASE does not transport to or from that town.
  • If the town where the student attends school cancels, CASE will not transport to that location.


Delayed Opening procedure:

  • If Acton Public Schools has a delayed opening, CASE transported students will follow Acton’s delay.
  • If the student’s town of residence delays, CASE will adhere to that delay.
  • If the program’s town delays, CASE will adhere to that delay.
  • Delay times may be different; therefore, in order to provide the safest transportation, the longest delay will be followed.


Parents are asked for their cooperation to keep their driveway clear of snow and ice.  If the driver determines that a driveway is not properly cleared and treated, CASE will not attempt to use the driveway.  In such instances, CASE will notify parents that their child will be picked up at the curb.

During inclement weather, schedules become secondary to safety.  CASE will do its best to arrive at a student's home and at school in a timely manner.  If parents have any questions or concerns related to snow days or other transportation issues, please contact:

Martin Finnegan
Transportation Manager
978-264-3344 FAX