CASE Administrative Team

The CASE Administrative Team has regular meetings to brainstorm and review programs, services, and needs. A listing of the team members follows:

Sanchita Banerjee
Executive Director
978-318-1534 978-318-6992

Sandy Daigneault
Assistant Director
Program Administrator

978-318-1536 978-371-7858
Deanne Cefalo
Program Administrator
978-202-1186 978-371-7858
Maureen Keegan
Program Administrator
978-881-4146 978-264-3368
Martin Finnegan
Transportation Manager
978-635-9151 978-264-3344
Bev Beno
Director of Finance and Operations
978-318-1534 978-371-7858
Regina Erickson
Director of Human Resources
Executive Assistant
978-318-1534 978-318-6992