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The Mission of the CASE CETT Team is to support the use of Assistive Technology for students from the CASE Collaborative communities. The CETT Team strives to provide guidance, support and consultation to educational teams in the selection and use of appropriate assistive technology that will help students access the curriculum and/or meet individual educational goals.



The team provides assistive technology consultations to CASE classrooms and member districts for individual students. A few of the many areas that the CETT Team's consultations focus on are alternative-augmentative communication (AAC), reading, written expression, and physical access to curriculum. Consultations often include observations, meeting with the special education Team to discuss possible assistive technology interventions, training when necessary, field testing with a student and a written report summarizing recommendations.


CASE Classroom Consultations

The CETT Team provides assistive technology services to all CASE classrooms. The CETT Team assists special educators and therapists in the selection of, and training for, various assistive technology equipment, and acts as a resource for sharing tools and tips. This support is individualized, based on the needs of each classroom. Examples have included: developing switch accessible digital books for preschoolers; staff training on Kurzweil 3000, Classroom Suite and Word Prediction software; Talking Word Processors and Dragon Naturally Speaking; and working with staff to create video modeling projects for use in the classroom. Assistance may take place in a single brainstorming session or ongoing monthly meetings to discuss assistive technology solutions. The CASE CETT Team is available to all CASE classrooms.


AAC Consultations

The CETT Team provides consultations to special educators and therapists to help determine the most appropriate alternative-augmentative communication (AAC) system for students. CETT loans low- and high-tech devices, from single message switches to dynamic display devices. Support with AAC devices is provided through assistance with renting devices for trial periods, assessment of device effectiveness, programming, training on programming and use, and helping families obtain private funding for the purchase of devices.


Lending Library

The CETT Team has an assortment of both low- and high-tech Assistive Technology tools in their lending library. The library has a range of software and hardware, including AAC devices that are available on a short-term loan basis. The purpose of this lending library is to provide educators and students with the opportunity to try these products prior to purchasing them. The CETT Team is continuously reviewing new equipment on the market and making purchases, as appropriate, to ensure that current assistive technology tools are available for loan.


Assistive Technology Training

The CASE CETT Team provides workshops for staff and parents of students in CASE Collaborative classrooms who are interested in learning more about Assistive Technology. Staff workshops are scheduled yearly through the CASE Professional Development office and are open to educators in CASE community member districts. Examples of recent workshops include "iPad Apps for Special Education", "Selecting the Right App for Your Child", "Intro to Video Modeling", and "Boardmaker and Beyond".


CASE CETT Team Professional Development

Members of the CASE CETT Team pursue continuing professional study in the area of assistive technology by attending national conferences, including Closing The Gap and Assistive Technology Industry Association. In addition, they participate in list serves such as QIAT (Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology), and blogs, such as


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