CASE Bullying Policy, Prevention and Intervention Plan

CASE policy prohibits bullying as defined by M.G.L. c.71, § 370. CASE follows the Bullying and Intervention Plan of the host school, with the understanding that whenever a student or a staff member in a CASE class is identified as the aggressor, the CASE Program Administrator will function in the role assigned to the school Principal in the host school Plan. S/he will work with the Principal to comply with the local Plan.  When a student in a CASE class is identified as the target of a student from the host school who is not enrolled in a CASE class, the school Principal will immediately inform the CASE Program Administrator and work with her/him to comply with the local Plan.
A CASE program classified as a Massachusetts Public Day Special Education Program will follow a separate Plan. Currently, the only CASE program so classified is Colebrook High School. The Colebrook plan is detailed separately and subject to review, and updates at least biennially.